Promise, I Won’t Try to be Authentic!

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"Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Taken." Oscar Wilde

Postscript:  This post was published a week ago in exploreB2B and received a very good response.  We decided to post it in our Journal so you would have more insight into the team striving for the SORIN mission.


The other day a headline caught my eye on Twitter.  It said, “Don’t TRY to be Authentic!”  Since all the talk these days is about being “authentic” I had to see this for myself so I clicked away and found an interesting post on Sarah Santacroce’s blogsite, Simpliciy Admins.  In her post, Sarah referred to a “great post by Mike Robbins” on “The Power of Authenticity” and argued that “being authentic is overrated” going as far as to say that “it’s getting boring.”  Her point was that “if you’re TRYING to BE anything, you’re not being “authentic.”  Simply put, don’t try to be anyone or anything, just be yourself.  Otherwise, people will see right through it.

Now to some, this may seem to be just a matter of semantics, isn’t authentic the same as being yourself?  But for me this underscores a more serious issue which I touched upon in my comment to her post,

It seems like everyone is on social media so it becomes difficult to separate who really is authentic. I’m afraid we’ll get a post in the future saying, “Dont’ try to be yourself, it is overrated.” At the end of the day, it is all up to us to expend some energy, dig a little deeper and empower the truly ‘authentic’ ‘be yourselfers’ from the pretenders and fakers. The best way to do it is to pay attention, dig deeper and see who really does walk the talk that they do. 🙂


I was trying to articulate that in our modern headline driven culture, the “authentics” and “be yourselfers” out there end up becoming needles in a haystack.  It’s unfortunate that more and more we tend to constantly drift towards what is fun at the expense of what is meaningful? ?Instead of glorifying the mundane workings of the impact culture that is striving to bring a positive change in people?s lives, we routinely celebrate the absurd vagaries of the celebrity/sports culture.


Don?t get me wrong; I love my headlines.  After all, clicking on one got me to thinking about all of this in the first place.  Plus who doesn’t enjoy peeking at the celebrity tabloids or going over the top in the frenzied fandom of our favorite sports.  I’m a rabid Philly fan after all and yes I do peek at the tabloids in the grocery line.  But with all these distractions and overload of information that we are bombarded with, it seems most of us would rather click “Like” and move on versus read and type a meaningful “Comment.”  We love watching videos but more and more are losing the patience to read well written prose.Crocodile Dundee is a fish out of water in New York City

I say all this but I am no expert mind you. I was very happy quietly working in the cozy confines of my brick and mortar office and have only recently entered this virtual realm of the Internet and Social Media.  I feel like Crocodile Dundee having just stepped into New York City from the Australian Outback (darn, I just gave away my age, didn’t I?).  So maybe all of my pontificating here is just much to do about nothing and if that is the case, take all this as the frantic misgivings of an Internet rookie. ?But maybe just maybe if I am onto something and I do believe that I am.  So the next time you come across something interesting or thought provoking pause a bit, take time to reflect and provide some meaningful feedback, good or bad so it makes a positive difference for the one who has taken the risk and time to present his or her viewpoint, idea, product or service. ?It might just become the cool thing to do.


Truth be told, I don?t know if I have offended all of you but I have tried to be myself.  So thank you Sarah for showing me that authenticity is overrated and for some encouragement in your response to my post comment, “very good point, Farrukh!  Dig deeper is the only way.”  I have made a promise to dig deeper and contribute to the conversation but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to root like crazy for Chip Kelly or peek at the occasional celebrity tabloid.  I’m trying to walk my talk.  How about you?

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Author: Farrukh Siddiqui

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