A wise pundit once said: when it comes to doing, the smartest thing you can do is to focus on what you know. Taking this sage advice to heart, we are focusing on what we know best --- financial services. Knowing that financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, investment firms, etc. are the foundational building blocks of society, it was no surprise that their recent failings caused the global financial crisis and woke people up to the critical importance of social responsibility perhaps best symbolized by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. As financial experts and doers at heart, we know that responsible practices based on transparency, sustainability and fairness must be fully embraced if we are to deliver on our mandate of helping to foster the creation of an inclusive financial landscape that is, at its core, both responsible and just. Our first step in this direction is the creation of the SORIN Gap Fund designed to help hardworking and responsible people who find themselves in dire need when the financial protection they paid for did not prove to be enough. The gap fund may have been envisioned by us, but it belongs to everyone.





Farrukh is often referred to as a jack of all trades. As a social entrepreneur, this bodes well for him in that he has a sound grasp of all aspects of an organization, is able to roll up his sleeves and step in where needed, put a team together on the fly and get the job done. Farrukh is a family man who enjoys camping with his wife and four children and hopes one day to take an adventurous family road trip across the US. Farrukh enjoys cooking, sports, reading and draws inspiration from passionate people and their amazing achievements. He grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is an avid fan of all Philadelphia sports teams. His favorite TV shows are Psyche and Chopped while his favorite cinematic moment is the closing scenes on the beach of Shawshank Redemption. His dream entrepreneurial project is to introduce world class T20 Cricket to the American sporting audience.



Joe is just crazy enough to believe that social entrepreneurship initiatives will help facilitate economic equity. Joe is a recent graduate of Syracuse University, where he studied political science and Middle Eastern studies. During his academic career, Joe studied abroad, spending extended periods of time in Turkey and Ukraine. Outside of work, Joe enjoys running, playing the guitar, spending time with his friends and bowling. He actually missed a perfect game a few years back by just one strike. He enjoys watching House of Cards and Real Time with Bill Maher on television and is an avid movie buff. Joe also loves to nap, something that he can't even blame on eating too much at Dinosaur BBQ, one of his favorite restaurants in Syracuse. Even though he comes from an Italian family, Joe does not like baked Ziti. Oh, and he admits that he drinks too much Diet Coke.



Corey was raised by his dear mother in Mercer County, New Jersey. Fighting through adversity and patiently persevering to eventually achieve his ambitions were traits he had to learn in order to stand out as the youngest child in a family of 10 siblings. Today Corey is a successful supply chain expert with a passion for doing the right thing, especially when working at the community grass roots level. He loves to watch and play basketball and has a collection of shoes - sneakers - that even his wife can't compete with. For Corey, leisure means spending time with his family going hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors. He is a devoted father of 6 beautiful children and a loving husband. He has developed a taste for spicy Indian food and chooses to honor the quintessential American dessert Apple Pie by only eating it warm and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Alison on the SORIN Gap Fund
"I am enamored by the opportunities that The SORIN Gap Fund seeks to provide ... there is no greater gift then to help someone attain financial aspirations that they never thought were possible." 

Keith on the SORIN Gap Fund
"Even with careful planning, gaps arise under standardized insurance contracts that can create unintended consequences for people assuming their unexpected hardship would be covered completely. The SORIN Gap Fund is a true effort to equalize expectations with best intentions."





Alison loves a good challenge approaching life as an intricate puzzle waiting to be solved. She thrives on energy, enthusiasm and chaos and always looks out for new and niche opportunities to tackle. She has never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty and these attributes have paved the way for sustained professional success in nearly every aspect of financial services. Alison lives with her family in the DC metro area and they are truly an eccentric mix of artists and business professionals. Both she and her husband paint, her daughter writes, her son is a musician and her stepson is a chef; they all simultaneously pursue professional business interests and avidly participate in the local political environment on a volunteer basis. Although she boasts that she will never retire, her goal is to spend too much time at the beach, painting, running and reading to her heart's content.


Keith has been a curious traveler throughout his life. Growing up in unassuming Delaware as a middle class American, he always looked for the next challenge and sought to understand how different cultures lived and laughed, from 70's reruns of Star Trek to the wacky humor of Monty Python! His international finance career led him to eventually explore alternative financial models; he found their accountability a compelling prospect that shed light on the gaps arising from rapid development and globalization. A father of four girls and loving husband, Keith knows the last time he got to make a decision privately was asking to get engaged. He consoles himself helping others in setting strategies, starting businesses and developing them globally throughout Asia, Middle East, UK and USA. He is currently dividing time between international projects and endeavors to create a better way to solve problems that arose when everybody was looking the other way.


Kamran has spent a lifetime challenging authority and being a change agent. Luckily for him, he found these qualities were valued if they were renamed 'innovation' and has spent almost two decades utilizing technology to disrupt companies and industries through the power of digital. In his free time, he waits for Iron Maiden to call and insists on practicing his guitar for when he's needed. But that free time is limited by the energy spent wrestling with his three small children and throwing them on a bed from increasingly higher distances. As someone with an entrepreneurial and rabble-rousing spirit, he fully believes in social entrepreneurship's power to help others, change the status quo and generally try to make the world a better place. He's an avid fan of cars he can't afford and football teams who can't win Superbowls...but at this point, would be happy with five uninterrupted minutes in the bathroom.


Thomas was born in Chicago, later moved to Colorado and currently lives in California with his family. He spent much of his career in a start-up environment because it is his professional home and where he believes he can make the biggest impact.
Social entrepreneurship then represents the perfect intersection of what he believes in the most and where he hopes to make a great contribution. Thomas is a veteran of the U.S. Army having served in Europe for many years. He enjoys mountain climbing, white water rafting and computer programming and is developing a series of mobile games. This is why the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit are his favorites because even before the movies, the books were the video game technology of a time when imagination was the ultimate canvas. Thomas has reluctantly accepted the fact that he did not invent mashed potatoes and gravy - though he grew up thinking he did.



SORIN stands for SOcially Responsible INitiative, which is envisioned to help foster the creation of an inclusive financial landscape that is, at its core, both responsible and just. Our first SORIN is the SORIN Gap Fund that is created to provide impactful relief to individuals and families who are not fully protected by their insurance policy and are facing immediate and unbearable financial consequences as a result.

Corey on SORIN
"Going along with the status quo makes us a 'couch potato' because we end up doing nothing but challenging it makes us 'doers'. SORIN, to me, is a super charged 'doer' apparatus that will challenge the financial 'status quo' presenting alternatives that not only make sense but are socially responsible. It's what being a 'doer' is all about!"
Thomas on SORIN
"Things don't always go as planned. Little mistakes often result in tremendous consequences. There are people everywhere who need help, not in a month or a year, but now. The SORIN Gap Fund makes it possible for anyone to help provide assistance, with only a few clicks of a mouse, to those who need it the most."
Possible Future Initiatives


We will continually be researching, analyzing and developing solutions and initiatives until we have reached our goal of bringing socially responsible alternatives to the financial services industry for everyone who needs them.


These solutions and initiatives can come in the form of funds, programs, products, companies, or even storefronts. It is our community and the discussions we engage in will steer SORIN towards the greater goal of an inclusive financial landscape that is, at its core, both responsible and just. Some possible future initiatives that we are contemplating are listed below, but by no means is this a comprehensive list.


We are looking for other areas of need and welcome your thoughts and ideas, so please feel free to contact us and tell us what you think!



Although the global financial crisis was caused by an amalgam of different factors, excessive risk-taking and speculation are often cited as two of the root causes of the crisis. Neither the securitization of subprime loans nor credit-default swaps were sustainable business practices; however, prior to the downturn of the economy, such activities were common place, especially amongst the world's larger banking institutions. Not surprisingly, the financial crisis has caused the international regulatory community to take a critical look at our global financial system and implement necessary reforms. Especially in the wake of the crisis, socially responsible business practices have been growing in popularity. Unfortunately, however, the effects of the crisis are not such that recovery will be an expeditious process. Communities around the world continue to suffer from high unemployment, stagnant wages, and inflationary concerns. SORIN will research and develop alternative banking products that are sustainable, fair and just. In the interim, we would like to hear from you if you believe expanding the mandate of the SORIN Gap Fund to include assisting deserving individuals and families adversely impacted by the banking industry is important.

Student Finance


Over the last three decades the cost of higher education in America has increased by over 1,000%. It should come as no surprise that this increase has caused students to borrow larger sums of money in order to pay for their education. In addition to the high-interest rates charged by private lenders, state and local financing have declined in recent years (in 2012 by around 7%). With interest accruing from the date on which many loans are disbursed, particularly those that are unsubsidized, thousands of students find themselves facing insurmountable debt upon graduating. Compounded by the fact that unemployment rates among millennials (ages 18-29) continue to rise faster than the national average, student financing issues are becoming increasingly significant across the country. To help alleviate some of the problems related to student financing, SORIN plans to thoroughly research and develop an alternative, fair and just student financing mechanism.In the interim, we would like to hear from you if you believe expanding the mandate of the SORIN Gap Fund to include assistance to deserving students either finance their education or pay off existing student loans is important.



The unpredictability of recent climate changes and subsequent impact from major storms, such as Irene and Sandy, have and will continue to bring about significant changes within the Property and Casualty (P&C) sector. With seemingly perpetual increases in both the propensity and severity of claims, insurance companies have been reducing coverage and increasing prices along with other unfair business practices in order to maintain profitability, which is their primary concern. These profit driven practices are widening insurance gaps for hard working policyholders across the United States.Similarly to the P&C sector, the Life and Health (L&H) insurance industry is also under distress. Specifically, coverage restrictions, claim denials and increasing costs have left millions of Americans without health insurance. Whether the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) provides substantial improvement in terms of access and cost for all Americans is yet to be seen. SORIN will research the potential impact of (AHA) and look at all aspects of the insurance industry as we design alternative and fair insurance solutions that span across P&C and L&H insurance segments. In the interim, the SORIN Gap Fund will assist families that are confronted with immediate and expensive insurance-related gaps.

Information Gap


Many of the protest movements of the last few years, namely Occupy Wall Street and the like, have caused an intellectual ripple and brought to the fore the enormous information gap present in the global financial services industry. The reality is that even lawyers have a difficult time understanding the fine print in insurance policies, mortgages and loan documents. Additionally, not many truly understand how insurance companies, banks, mortgage brokers and other lending institutions assess risk, calculate rates, and determine exclusions. With disclosure requirements in fine print, deliberately obtuse language and other tricks of the trade, insurance companies are too often able to keep consumers unaware of their policy restrictions. SORIN will research and develop simple and clear tools so that anyone who dedicates the requisite time and energy will be able to enhance their understanding of the financial services industry with the aim of making the most effective financial decisions for themselves and their family. Understanding our needs and working together, we will be able to overcome the information gap clouding our financial lives.



Farrukh on the SORIN Gap Fund

"The SORIN Gap Fund is very important to me because it provides financial support for hard working people who follow the rules, yet still often find themselves on their own facing unbearable financial obligations. These are the people who don't always ask for help but are the most deserving of it."

Insurance is the best way for us to protect ourselves from unforeseen misfortunes. Whether such adversities are caused by natural disasters or careless neglect, having the proper insurance coverage can, in the event of a loss, help us to recover. Unfortunately, having an insurance policy isn't always enough especially after storms like Hurricane Sandy, which generated so much devastation that hundreds of families are still in distress. Why is this when insurance is supposed to protect us? In order to keep profitability ratios high, insurance companies are constantly seeking to cut costs. In doing so they often raise premiums, reduce the expansiveness of their coverage, and in some cases drop customers that are "not profitable enough" even if they are not "high-risk."


How many people have discovered that they did not have adequate coverage on their homes, were denied coverage based on an exclusion in the "fine print" of the policy, or simply were not able to pay the policy deductible because of the negative effects that the nationwide economic downturn has had on their income. From high deductibles to discrepancies between the value of claims and actual repair costs, many families are not always able to recover from unexpected losses.


This is where SORIN Gap Fund comes in and fills the gap. The SORIN Gap Fund is not an insurance plan. It is a revolutionary and crowd empowered way of looking at how gaps left by traditional insurance coverage can be filled. The SORIN Gap Fund will fill these gaps and help the people who need assistance the most by providing them with interest-free loans to pay for their immediate short-term needs and when justified, will donate funds to those who do not have financial means to even repay an interest-free loan.



Let us know how we can help you. Do you need more information on the Gap initiative? Or do you have a specific need and want to see how we can help? Either way, we are here to help, and will be timely in our response! Thank you for your interest.



Would you like to be one of the SORIN problem solvers? It's pretty simple really. We place a premium on creating a wholly inclusive outreach environment with everyone we interact with. So if you have passion for helping others and see our initiative as a way of solving necessary problems in a responsible and innovative fashion then journey with us helping to foster the change we aim to achieve.

Joe on the SORIN Gap Fund
"Things don't always go as planned. Little mistakes often result in tremendous consequences. There are people everywhere who need help, not in a month or a year, but now. The SORIN Gap Fund makes it possible for anyone to help provide assistance with only a few clicks of a mouse, to those who need it the most. SORIN seeks to bring out the inherent good of others by utilizing a participatory framework that creates a situation in which anyone can make a difference."
Kamran on the SORIN Gap Fund
"America has so many hard working people who follow the rules, take care of their responsibilities, families and communities. They have a quiet strength and don't often ask for help. Yet life, as unpredictable as it is, sometimes creates intolerable financial crises for these same people - pillars of their communities. Its so important for me to support efforts like the SORIN Gap Fund that is designed to help these people in their times of need."

Be An Advocate


A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life. As long as the current financial system prevails, unfair practices that leave large gaps for the consumer will not only continue, but grow. Financial freedom will not be possible. If you are interested in creating a fresh and alternative approach to financial services that isn't based in the rationale that making money is contributing to society, then advocate for SORIN.


SORIN is the right answer to ethically addressing the disparities created by our existing financial system. That said, we still need conscientious folks like you to work with us towards positive change. Empower yourself, your family and neighbors and use your voice to support SORIN. SORIN is for everyone and more people need to know that there are alternatives that are community-based, socially responsible and ethical out there. Just because current financial practices dominate today's market place does not mean that they are the best or only choices we have. We, the average Americans, need and deserve better options.


Whether it be friends, family, colleagues or anyone else who may appreciate what SORIN is about, you can spread the word by having people visit our website and participate in our campaigns.

Invest in SORIN


As Americans we need to change the current systems, policies, attitudes and behaviors in order to enable change that will make a true difference in our lives. In order to bring viable alternatives to conventional financial products and services, we have to invest resources to develop new processes, leverage technology, invest in intelligent and passionate professionals and design innovative approaches to deliver the SORIN message.


We can't do any of this groundbreaking work without capital. The vision is grand-- there is no shortage of fantastic ideas and every member of our team is passionate about developing SORIN and empowering change for ourselves and by ourselves. If you are interested in investing in ethical and socially responsible financial products, services and business practices, please donate generously. SORIN will utilize crowd funding and other strategies that will be accessible to all so every contribution, large or small will bring about the fair and just change that is needed.


You are part of a growing community of change enablers who are taking the future into their own hands. We are here to help facilitate that change. We are here to create an inclusive financial landscape that is, at its core, both responsible and just.



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We don't have all the answers nor do we have all of questions so the conversation that we engage in will be SORIN's road map on the journey of creating a financial landscape that is, at it's core, both responsible and just. So we need to hear from you so feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas and also let us know who we can help and even how we can help.


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