A wise pundit once said: when it comes to doing, the smartest thing you can do is to focus on what you know. Taking this sage advice to heart, we are focusing on what we know best --- financial services. Knowing that financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, investment firms, etc. are the foundational building blocks of society, it was no surprise that their recent failings caused the global financial crisis and woke people up to the critical importance of social responsibility perhaps best symbolized by the Occupy Wall Street Movement. As financial experts and doers at heart, we know that responsible practices based on transparency, sustainability and fairness must be fully embraced if we are to deliver on our mandate of helping to foster the creation of an inclusive financial landscape that is, at its core, both responsible and just. Our first step in this direction is the creation of the SORIN Gap Fund designed to help hardworking and responsible people who find themselves in dire need when the financial protection they paid for did not prove to be enough. The gap fund may have been envisioned by us, but it belongs to everyone.





Farrukh is often referred to as a jack of all trades. As a social entrepreneur, this bodes well for him in that he has a sound grasp of all aspects of an organization, is able to roll up his sleeves and step in where needed, put a team together on the fly and get the job done. Farrukh is a family man who enjoys camping with his wife and four children and hopes one day to take an adventurous family road trip across the US. Farrukh enjoys cooking, sports, reading and draws inspiration from passionate people and their amazing achievements. He grew up in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and is an avid fan of all Philadelphia sports teams. His favorite TV shows are Psyche and Chopped while his favorite cinematic moment is the closing scenes on the beach of Shawshank Redemption. His dream entrepreneurial project is to introduce world class T20 Cricket to the American sporting audience.



Joe is just crazy enough to believe that social entrepreneurship initiatives will help facilitate economic equity. Joe is a recent graduate of Syracuse University, where he studied political science and Middle Eastern studies. During his academic career, Joe studied abroad, spending extended periods of time in Turkey and Ukraine. Outside of work, Joe enjoys running, playing the guitar, spending time with his friends and bowling. He actually missed a perfect game a few years back by just one strike. He enjoys watching House of Cards and Real Time with Bill Maher on television and is an avid movie buff. Joe also loves to nap, something that he can't even blame on eating too much at Dinosaur BBQ, one of his favorite restaurants in Syracuse. Even though he comes from an Italian family, Joe does not like baked Ziti. Oh, and he admits that he drinks too much Diet Coke.



Corey was raised by his dear mother in Mercer County, New Jersey. Fighting through adversity and patiently persevering to eventually achieve his ambitions were traits he had to learn in order to stand out as the youngest child in a family of 10 siblings. Today Corey is a successful supply chain expert with a passion for doing the right thing, especially when working at the community grass roots level. He loves to watch and play basketball and has a collection of shoes - sneakers - that even his wife can't compete with. For Corey, leisure means spending time with his family going hiking, camping and enjoying the great outdoors. He is a devoted father of 6 beautiful children and a loving husband. He has developed a taste for spicy Indian food and chooses to honor the quintessential American dessert Apple Pie by only eating it warm and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Alison on the SORIN Gap Fund
"I am enamored by the opportunities that The SORIN Gap Fund seeks to provide ... there is no greater gift then to help someone attain financial aspirations that they never thought were possible." 

Keith on the SORIN Gap Fund
"Even with careful planning, gaps arise under standardized insurance contracts that can create unintended consequences for people assuming their unexpected hardship would be covered completely. The SORIN Gap Fund is a true effort to equalize expectations with best intentions."





Alison loves a good challenge approaching life as an intricate puzzle waiting to be solved. She thrives on energy, enthusiasm and chaos and always looks out for new and niche opportunities to tackle. She has never been afraid to roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty and these attributes have paved the way for sustained professional success in nearly every aspect of financial services. Alison lives with her family in the DC metro area and they are truly an eccentric mix of artists and business professionals. Both she and her husband paint, her daughter writes, her son is a musician and her stepson is a chef; they all simultaneously pursue professional business interests and avidly participate in the local political environment on a volunteer basis. Although she boasts that she will never retire, her goal is to spend too much time at the beach, painting, running and reading to her heart's content.


Keith has been a curious traveler throughout his life. Growing up in unassuming Delaware as a middle class American, he always looked for the next challenge and sought to understand how different cultures lived and laughed, from 70's reruns of Star Trek to the wacky humor of Monty Python! His international finance career led him to eventually explore alternative financial models; he found their accountability a compelling prospect that shed light on the gaps arising from rapid development and globalization. A father of four girls and loving husband, Keith knows the last time he got to make a decision privately was asking to get engaged. He consoles himself helping others in setting strategies, starting businesses and developing them globally throughout Asia, Middle East, UK and USA. He is currently dividing time between international projects and endeavors to create a better way to solve problems that arose when everybody was looking the other way.